Signal Distribution

Emitec offers a wide range of RF Switches, Dividers, Attenuators and Test Accessories from different manufacturer. These products are designed for higest accuracy and qaulity as well as cost effective. Our manufacturers are Bird RF, JFW, Novotronik, etc. Talk to our experts about your requirements today. 


Download the Bird Brochure for Components, Attenuators, Loads, Power Monitors and Power Meters

 Bird Brochure 


Download the JFW Brochure for Programmable Attenuators, Variable Attenuators, Fixed Attenuators, Terminations, RF Switches, Power Devidesr and Combiners, Test Accessories

 JFW Brochure 


Download the Novotronik Brochure for Matrices, Switching Units, Multicouplers, Corssbars, Components

 Novotronik Brochure 

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Bird’s LOW PIM Components


Download the Wireless Testing Guide from
JFW - It help to make your right choice in
Handover and Transceiver Testing.

 JFW Brochure