Hier finden Sie einen Auszug unseren meist exklusiven Vertretungen von namhaften Herstellern für die Schweiz.

Aerial Oy

Aerial Oy – A Whole World Of Antennas

Albatross Projects

Albatross Projects – world-leading system provider for RF rooms , EMC (i.e. Anechoic Chambers etc and Microwave test sites



Anapico (Swiss Made) Superior Technology in HF Signal Generators and Phase Noise Test Systems


AR world

AR Worldwide - World finest power amplifiers for RF and Microwave


Bird - RF & Microwave Power Analyzers, High Power Attenuators, Accessories

Cobham Aeroflex

Cobham Aeroflex IFR (ex Marconi) - Radio Test Sets - RF & Microwave Signal Generators and Analyzers - Avionic Test Sets


DARE - EMC Software and EMC Instrumentation


edevis non-destructive testing - shearography and photothermal radiometry

EM Test

Ametek EM Test Innovative Technology for EMC Testing - Conducted and Radiated Immunity


FLIR Systems

Flir Systems Global Leader for Infrared Cameras! All Flir Emitec Sales Staff are certified ISO EN 9712 thermographers / Official Service & Calibration and Training ISO EN 9712 Centre in Switzerland

FIELDS at work

Fields at work, Field Strengt Measurements

JFW industries

JFW Industries, RF and Micorwave Components, Handover Testing etc

Langer EMV-Technik

Langer EMV-Technik, EMC Accessories 


Narda, Leader in Field Strength Measurement Systems


Novotronik, RF and Microwave Switch Matrixes Systems


Orglmeister, Innovative Brandschutzlösungen


PMM Narda

PMM Narda, Conducted and Radiated Emission Measurement Systems, Measurement Receivers, Field Strenght Monitors (Area Monitors)



Quartzlock, Excellence in Precise and Ultra Low Noise Frequency Standards / Time References and Stability Analyzers


Rigol, Digital Oscilloscopes,RF Spectrum Analyzers, Digital Multimeters,Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Digital Programmable Power Supplies


Schwarzbeck, RF & Microwave Antennas


Ametek Teseq - EMC - Conducted and Radiated Immunity- EMC Antennas - LISN, ISN - GTEM etc

Viavi - JDSU

Viavi - JDSUMobile / Wireless Testing - Base Station Testing



Yokogawa World Leader in Power Analyzers, Scopes, Recorder


YORK EMC Services

York EMC Services, EMC Comb Generators