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ADS-B INTEGRITY Test Application Viavi

The new application controls VIAVI’s IFR6000 or IFR6015 transponder test sets and GPSG-1000 position simulator to support Supplemental Type Certification (STC) and approval testing for ADS-B system installations according to FAA Advisory Circular AC 20-165B.

For R&D and factory testing, the application controls the Viavi IFF-45TS / A MK XII test set and the GPSG-1000 for ADS-B out performance.  A full, detailed ADS-B Out compliance report in FAA format, including a measurement for total latency, can be generated and evaluated directly with pass/fail criteria.


  • Verify ADS-B equipment installation
  • Complete AC 20-165B test, fast and with automatic report
  • STC Support
  • Elimination of STC operating flights
  • Coupled test in hangar or on flight line, eliminates:
    Open sky requirement
    GPS repeater
    Weather problems
    Interference with ATC operations

ADS-B INTEGRITY Test Application Viavi

Test Application Viavi

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