Statistical Power Sensor Bird

EMF Safety, RF Testing | Power Measurements

Todays very complex wirless system requires smart sensors to measure the power. The Bird Statistical Power Sensor is a very easy that uses statistical sampling techniques. See the enclosed video for more information.

Time Domain Mode

  • Detailed breakdown of a single or multiple pulses.
  • Includes a wide range of IEEE pulse parameters.
  • Markers allows user to focus on particular portions of the signal for analysis.

Average power mode

  • Extremely accurate true average power measurements
  • True Average measurement of Forward and Reflected power
  • All related reflection calculations.} Peak Power measurement
  • Burst Measurement of Pulse Power

Statistical Mode

  • Analytical results of Signal of Interest using CCDF parameters
  • Isolate and identify specific breakpoints with the use of markers

Statistical Power Sensor Bird

Power Sensor Bird

Field Simulation in a Town


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