SiteHawk Analyzer Bird

EMF Safety, RF Testing | Mobile Test

Our pocked sized Cable & Antenna Analyzer cover the frequency range from 300kHz up to 4.5GHz. These lightweight and lowe prices analyzers are used by every RF enginieer to quickly check the heath of our antenna system or find any faults of the feeder line. They locate the source by using the DTF (Distance to Fault) Function. The SiteHawk is battery operated – easy to use and store any measurement in the internal memory.

Product Features

  • Easy to use lightweight Antenna and Cable Monitor
  • FDR (Frequency Domain Reflectometry) measurement – measures the heath of your antenna system
  • Distance to Fault – locates the source and exact position of any faulty components
  • Covers wide frequency range: Model SK-4500-TC 1MHz to 4500MHz and Model SK-200-TC from 300kHz to 200MHz

Base Station Analyzers


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