CellAdvisor 5G Viavi

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Field portable solution for validating 5G cell site deployment, maintenance and management

VIAVI CellAdvisor 5G is a very easy-to-use, innovative and comprehensive base station analyzer. Its is field-portable that is uesd to validate and deploy 5G radio access networks. With it’s combination of real-time spectrum analysis and 5G beam analysis. Fiber, coax, and air interfaces makes it one of the most versatile cell site test solutions

If you are performing signal analysis, interference analysis or just inspecting fiber connections the Viavi CellAdvosor 5G is THE one instrument can do it all of this.


•    Validate and deploy all physical interfaces like fiber, coax and RF
•    Upgrade to new features, functions and technology with software licenses, giving you the very best total cost of ownership
•    Perform PIM detection, interference analysis and RF hunting with one instrument
•    Generate reports easy and fast


•    May be used in 5G cell site installation, commissioning and maintenance
•    Tests for Massive MIMO and active antenna beam validation
•    Interference analysis, PIM detection over CPRI
•    Comprehensive RF signal analysis
•    Fronthaul and RRH verification over CPRI

Key Features:

•    Realtime spectrum & interference analysis with persistence display for 5G FR1 (sub-6GHz) and FR2 (mmWave)
•    5G carrier scanner measuring up to eight wide-band carriers’ power as well as strongest beam power level and its corresponding ID
•    5G beam analyzer assessing individual beam’s ID, its power level and corresponding signal to noise ratios
•    5G route map for coverage verification, mapping in real-time the beam strength, and making data available for post-processing.

CellAdvisor 5G Viavi

CellAdvisor 5G Viavi


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