IDA Interference & Direction Analyzer Narda

EMF Safety, RF Testing | Spectrum & Signal Analyzer

The Narda IDA identifies & locates RF Signals & Interferences (Interferenz – HF Störungen) from 9kHz – 6GHz. It detects easely signals behind other signals (i.e. a interferring DECT phone signal in a LTE updload). The IDA runs a excellent signal selectivity – in other words it detects a weak signal next to a very strong signal very easy. Thanks to double compass and GPS it locates and displays the geographical location of the RF interferrer.

The IDA Faetures:

  • Frequency range: 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  • High Resolution Spectrogramm – ensuring detection of shortest pulses and unique presentation of time relationship between user & interferer signals
  • Unique I/Q Analysis – 32 MHz Channel Bandwidth of Receiver  / 250k I/Q trace data
  • Lowest Noise Factor (NF) – 6 dB better sensitivity, means factor 2 of (more far) distance and factor 4 of covered (surveilled) area
  • Direction Finding and Mapping – GIS (grafical info. system) presentation ensuring situational awareness: Anywhere & Anytime
  • Ergonomic Design – light and easy to carrie
  • Bright Display – even readable in sunlight
  • Battery-powered – hot-swappable, rechargeable batteries

Direction Analyzer Narda

High Resolution Spectrogramm


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