NRA - Remote Analyzer Narda

EMF Safety, RF Testing | Spectrum & Signal Analyzer

The NRA monitors – records – demodulates & analyzes all RF signals from 9kHz – 6GHz. Ideally to controll any signals such as Satlinks, WIreless or Mobile Signals. The NRA can be integrated into all measurement environment. The Ethernet Interface and easy programmable command set makes the NRA the ideal solution for your RF signal analysis.

The NRA Product Features

  • Frequency Range 9kHz – up to 6GHz
  • Very high Frequency Resolution (up to 20MHz) to analyzer wide signals such as LTE
  • High Resolution Spectrum with up to 600’000 measurement points for detailed analysis
  • Drivers for various kind of communication and monitoring software

Remote Analyzer Narda

The NRA monitors


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