identiFINDER R440 Flir

Security | Threat Detection

Highly Sensitive, Sourceless Handheld RIID

The FLIR identiFINDER R440 is a lightweight, sourceless radioisotope identification device (RIID) that can be operated with one hand and is IP67-rated to survive tough missions. Not only does the 2×2 NaI detector deliver sensitive and fast detection, but it also provides accurate identification during secondary screening. The new 360° EasyFinder™ Mode expedites decision-making to keep you safe

  •  2×2 NaI DETECTOR 3.5x more sensitive than other general all-purpose RIIDs and provides up to 10% better resolution; extended energy range provides neutron indication. Detects radiological threats from farther away, behind heavier shielding, and with better resolution than similarly sized RIIDs
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION – Drop-tested up to 1 meter and built to survive rigorous missions, with completely enclosed crystal and IP67-rated enclosure that protects against dust and water immersion up to 1m
  • STATE-OF-THE-ART USER FEATURES – 360° EasyFinder Mode pinpoints and instructs the operator on the exact location of a radiation source to keep responders and the community safe.
  • SOURCELESS STABILIZATION – Automated stabilization improves data collection and reduces false positives to expedite decision-making in the field

identiFINDER R440 Flir

identiFINDER R440 Flir in use


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