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All in One Troubleshooting Portable Tool

What is the TC50-ETool?

It is an all-in-one portable tool, which helps troubleshoot electrical wiring with efficiency. The TC50-eTool provides multiple tests from wire fault localization to diode and insulation test.

The “wire fault localization” is a particularly useful function to find the exact location of an electrical defect on a complex harness. In the past, operators had to cut a faulty cable into small segments to detect the cause of the problem. The “wire fault localization”, on the other hand, will detect the localisation of the faulty cable with an accuracy of up to 0,1 percent. It can also determine how far into the cable the defect is located from the test point.

All in One Troubleshooting Portable Tool

What are the features of the TC50 E-Tools?

  •  One tool for all generic TSM (Troubleshooting Manual) electrical tasks
  •  Incredibly useful for AOG situations
  •  User-friendly interface
  •  Can be used on any device, also on your smartphone
  •  All wiring and adapters are integrated in the device


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